Ampelas is a picturesque small fishing village, a beautiful little settlement, located east of Naoussa, about three kilometres away. The three small beaches of Ambelas, located next to each other, have clear, green waters and are ideal for those seeking peace.

The first beach of Ampelas is between two capes which form a windless bay.  That’s why the fishermen have chosen it to anchor their boats.

Below there is another small beach on the steps, under the sea tree and the third you will choose if you are a fan of snorkelling.

In the picturesque Ampela, one can swim in the harbour, in the small bay or look for an even quieter option in the White Cliff with the warm waters.

The sheltered shallow waters on the beaches of Ampela are crystal clear and blue. They wonderfully combined with the smells of fresh fish from the fish taverns and restaurants literally on the sea, with Naxos visible in the background.

In Ampelas you can combine a fantastic sea bath with genuine Parian cuisine’s unique and traditional food.

You will find one of the small beaches of Ambelas organized with comfortable sunbeds for endless hours of relaxation and with the beach service always at your disposal.

The beach of Ampelas is a must choice for visitors who combine the picturesqueness and flavours of the Cyclades with the relaxation offered by the sea.  You can easily access the beaches of Ampelas by bus from Naoussa, either by your own or rented means of transport.