Drios is a quiet, picturesque, seaside village on the southeast coast of Paros. It is 23 km from Parikia and 17 km from Naoussa.

Drios beach is a small beach, with pebbles, and has vegetation and running water. Away from the busy beaches, the beach of Drios is ideal for those seeking their tranquillity. In Drios you will not find sunbeds and umbrellas but tamarisk trees that offer exceptional coolness. The waters are crystal clear, blue and very clear. The beach of Drios is protected from north winds and rarely has a wave.

There is a small port in the eastern part of Dryos beach, with the traditional boats and fishing boats, which give the taverns of Dryos every day fresh fish. Behind the little port, there is another beach, smaller, with pebbles and tamarisk, and is the right choice if you encounter waves on the first beach.

In Drios you will enjoy picturesque taverns with superb local cuisine, fresh seafood and island atmosphere. Very close to the northeast of Drios is the famous beach of Paros, Chrysi Akti.

Drios is connected to Parikia by regular bus services. You can easily visit it with your transport vehicle combining it with an excursion to the surrounding settlements, thus knowing the other parts of the island of Paros.