The settlement of Faraggas consists of three beaches and is 16 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros and 26 km from Naoussa. The large beach of Faragga, has a large and organized beach, with umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars, where you can enjoy light meals, refreshments, coffee and drinks. The two smaller beaches to the west, consist of golden sand and are not organized. There you will find peace and seclusion in your sea bath, and if you like diving, with the right equipment, you can explore the underwater rocks.

All the beaches of Farafga are in a bay. They are completely protected from the north winds and rarely have waves. They separated by rocky hills that reach the sea.

The delicate blond sand and the crystal clear transparent waters have turned the Faragga of Paros into a top-rated destination, especially for those who want the comfort that a cosmopolitan beach can offer.

On days with good visibility, from the gorge, you can see Sikinos and Ios. The waters of Faragga beach in Paros are green and crystal clear. That is why the big beach, especially during the summer months, is full.

It visited by both locals and tourists living in southern Paros.

Faraggas beach is 2 km from Aliki. It is the best choice for all those looking for a beautiful, organized beach, food, showers, and many activities offered by the specialized water sports centre, located on Faraggas beach.

The access to Faragga in Paros is easy. Using transport following the sign that exists on the central ring road and turn right. The asphalt, downhill road will lead you to the plateau, the entrance to the elegant, large beach bar-restaurant, Faragga beach, where you can park easily and for free.

Although Faraggas has used tourism, it has maintained an isolated identity as it is far from holiday settlements.

Whether you choose the sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, or the comfort of the atmospheric beach bar, or even the shade of tamarisk trees, the coast of Faragga will fulfil its reputation as one of the most beautiful  beach in Paros. It would be best if you visited it at least once during your stay on the island.