Kalogeros beach is about 12 km from Naoussa and 17 km from Parikia. Nearby and south of Molos, the beautiful beach Kalogeros with the sand’s unique colour, and the mud, known for skincare.

In the northern part of Kalogeros beach, you will find rocks made of clay. This clay is known for its healing properties.

Many visitors spread clay on their bodies and sunbathe or rub their bodies with sand and then rinse in the sea. To get there you will follow a dirt road, the thin point of the small peninsula, which rises above the sea. The cliffs contribute to a unique setting.

Kalogeros beach consists of sand and small pebbles, and the local legend says that it took its name from a monk who committed suicide there, falling from a rock.

Kalogeros beach in Paros, as a pristine beach in a Natura 2000 area, is not organized, it will be useful to have water and snacks with you. The nearest store located in the village of Marmara, about 2 km away.

You can reach Kalogeros beach, by your means of transport or by Paros KTEL which will leave you in the village of Marmara. Kalogeros beach has free parking.

It is worth visiting Kalogeros beach in Paros, especially if you are looking for a quiet, remote and unspoilt location.