Kolimbithres beach in Paros is in the Bay of Naoussa. The beach is 10 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros, and 4  km from Naoussa.

At Kolimbithres beach you will find a unique landscape, a natural geological phenomenon,  that you will not find anywhere else in Paros. For millions of years, the elements of nature, such as the winds and the water, played the sculptor’s role on the rocks of the beach, which took strange and impressive shapes.

Due to this unique geophysical phenomenon, rocks abundant in the area, have created small bays with sandy beaches, with an abridged length. The waters in Kolimbithres are crystal clear, warm and shallow. Due to the location of the beach, waves are rare. The rocks in some parts of the beach offer shade to guests, but there is a possibility to rent an umbrella and sunbed, at the official main beach Kolimbithres.

If you need peace and seclusion, you can visit it in the morning to avoid crowds during the summer months at Kolimbithres beach.

Above Kolimbithres beach, on the main road, there are taverns where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine and a few kilometres north of Kolimbithres is the Aqua Park with water slides of Paros.

You need to visit the beach of Kolimbithres in Naoussa, to see up close, the exceptional beauty that nature can create, and to dive in its blue waters.

The most traditional way get to Kolimpithres beach is by boats that depart from the port of Naoussa at regular intervals and your means of transport or by bus.