Livadia beach in Paros is popular and busy. Awarded with a Blue Flag, Livadia beach in Parikia is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, while along it is all kinds of taverns and bars. At Livadia beach, in Paros, you will find several water sports and activities as well as the sailing facilities of the Nautical Club of Paros. Lovers of the game on the sea or the beach will find what they are looking for at Livadia Beach in Parikia.

Livadia is one of the busiest beaches of Paros and just 50 meters from our hotel. It has many visitors, mainly because it is so close to Parikia. Livadia beach located less than one kilometre from the centre of Parikia and north of its port. Tourists and locals easily visit it for a quick lunch swim. At Livadia beach in Paros, you will find umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, water sports centres which offer many options even for the most active. If you are a big company and you like beach volleyball, you can use the beach court.

Livadia located in a bay, it is the right choice for swimming when the days with strong north winds prevail. You will not encounter big waves there. In the southern part of the beach, there are taverns and cafes almost on the sand. Still, along the way, you will find even more dining and entertainment options, as well as excellent restaurants to accompany you to the beautiful sunset. The area has hotels and rooms for rent that offer a magnificent view of Parikia and the whole bay that gets the magical colours of the setting sun in the afternoon.