Only 2.5km. west of Parikia you will meet Parasporos. The area is quite secluded and quiet, even though the beach is famous. Parasporos beach in Paros, preserving the natural environment with tamarisk trees and crystal clear waters.

Parasporos is a large organized sandy beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, and bars with food and drink. Many of these bars organize parties during the summer season where guests have fun dancing and listening to music, combining bathing with carefree summer fun. With one side organized, while the other free, having free space for your individual umbrella, Parasporos beach, several times has  waves and gathers people who like it.

On windy days, waves reach the shore of Parasporos which are much smaller in its northern part. Parasporos beach  mainly attracts young visitors in Paros. Access to the coast of Parasporos is by taxi, car, motorbike or bus. The bus leaves you on the Parikia ring road’s main road and then follow the road to the beach. The water is crystal clear with small pebbles and sand.