Souvlia beach is easily and quickly accessible, either by your own means of transport, motorbike or car or by the KTEL of Paros, which will leave you on the ring road.

Υou should definitely look for Souvlia beach in Paros although admittedly it is not visible at first glance. Travelling on the ring road, leaving Parikia and heading west follow the sign, which simply reads “Delfini beach”. Passing freely through the bar-restaurant, you reach a crystal clear sandy beach with clear waters.

In addition to the natural beauty of Souvlia beach, there is one of the most beautiful bars – restaurants in Paros ¨Magaya¨, with great food and unique cocktails. Magaya, with its superior construction and beautiful dishes, turns Souvlia beach into something tropical. That is why many people visit it at night, while it will be a significant omission to miss the unique colours that the sky gets at sunset. You will also find Souvlia beach in Paros as DELPHINI Beach.

Souvlia beach is not one of the organized beaches of Paros and has plenty of space for those “hardened” who want to spread their towel under the tamarisk trees. Souvlia beach is exposed to the north wind, the leading wind in the Cyclades, but turn into an earthly paradise with the south.