Very beautiful, although not so well known, Voutakos beach located southwest of Paros, near the airport. It is 12 km from Parikia, the capital of the island and 23 km from Naoussa.

Voutakos in Paros is a secluded beach where it offers swimming with a view of Antiparos. It consists of sand and in some places has small pebbles. There are no tourist facilities in the area, except summer residences. If you decide to visit it, you need essentials such as water and a beach umbrella.

Voutakos beach consists of three independent parts. The largest one is on the right, as we reach the water. It is the place that gathers the most people. At the end of this large piece, there is the part of the beach frequented by nudists. The second part, a little further left, is a small beach, in front of the settlement, which hosts the port of Voutakos. Immediately after, the road ends and follows the last part, which has a medium-sized beach, followed by many tamarisk trees along the seafront. This part of Voutakos beach has steeper waters, and the seabed has stones. The beach’s tamarisk trees offer plenty of shade, isolation and tranquillity, and the seas have crystal clear.

Voutakos beach in Paros is windless and is an ideal shelter for an extended stay on the beach, mostly if you have made sure to have water and light food with you. Access is easy with your means of transportation.

Near the beach, just 4 km, is the seaside village of Aliki where you can enjoy your coffee and fresh fish in one of the taverns.