Paros has an idyllic beauty, villages and settlements that while you are there, you feel full of the energy they offer and when you leave the wait to be there again becomes unbearable. It would be an excellent choice for every visitor, an all-day private road trip to the most beautiful places in Paros.

Paros’ villages, will be won you over by the greatness of nature and aesthetics, that leaving no one unmoved. Villages with a romantic feel, medieval architecture and natural island temperament. It would be best if you wandered around the villages of Paros, eating delicious traditional food, drinking excellent local wine varieties or the traditional suma of Paros and diving in crystal clear waters.

For greater convenience and flexibility in your movements, you can rent an economical and safe car in Paros and make your excursions to its villages even more fun.

So you will have the opportunity to meet and explore life on the island like a local insider.

The villages of Paros are distinguished for their picturesque squares, their narrow Cycladic streets, the mansions and castles that whisper a history of years but also for their idyllic ports.

The old town of Parikia, a Byzantine jewel surrounded by the sea and the castle, can and does combine everything. The cosmopolitan Naoussa, one of the most popular summer destinations, offers lovely beaches and facilities of many stars and a hidden self, a pure challenge for those in the mood to search.

The mountainous Lefkes, the picturesque village of Paros that magnetizes you with its energy and aesthetics. Prodromos with its traditional identity and its medieval paths that are preserved unchanged over time. Visit Marpissa with its manorial simplicity and warm hospitality, Marmara with its traditional Cycladic architecture and the fantastic cheese of Paros, Marathi with its ancient quarries.

Offer yourself a short getaway to the picturesque and fabulous fishing village of Alyki or leave the sunset at the enchanting port of Piso Livadi.

Paros has villages and places that can conquer you at first sight. Villages with superb cuisine, traditional cafes, squares as if they came out of a fairy tale, with well-preserved monuments, nightlife and incredible Cycladic architecture